Road Map

ALL of our purchased NFT’s will double as a digital membership pass into the exclusive db club. The db club is a holders only club that grants YOU access to private updates, bonuses, chats to discuss future steps, sneak peeks, future projects, discounts on merch, and much more. We here at dreamobit aren’t going anywhere, and our main goal is to build a solid community where we can all enjoy OUR awesome NFT’s.
ThePerfectPair RELEASEĀ 
  • March-May 2022 : Release the 500 TurtleTokens
  • June-August 2022 : Release the 500 Hippobits
  • September 2022 : Release 500 more TurtleTokens
  • October 2022 : Release 500 more Hippobits
  • November-December 2022 : Release 500 LoveisLove
  • 25 sold = giveaway of 2 TurtleTokens and start of the db club!!!
  • 50 sold= Launch of Koji for db club only!!
  • 75 sold= AMA
  • 100 sold= develop Merch for db club
  • 50% of TurtleToken sold= 20% will be donated #TeamSeas
  • 50% of HippoBit sold= 20% more will be donated #TeamSeas
  • ANY 1,000 sold = Dave will get a dreamobit TurtleToken tattoo live stream for holders
  • ANY 2,000 sold = Dave will shave his head live on YouTube.
  • For both events, db club members will be made aware beforehand so no one misses it!!!!